Our Impact

PSSF scholarships support underprivileged Palestinian students in need of financial assistance to obtain an education in order to better themselves, their families and their communities. Additionally, PSSF scholarships give students the moral support they need by showing them that we truly care about their education and success – because we believe that knowledge leads to dignity, freedom and justice!

Read about the impact of receiving PSSF scholarships from the students themselves:

“The scholarship you provided is useful for me. I am really in need of the support to afford my studies. I come from a family of five brothers and one sister who all have many needs. My parents are overloaded with commitments. I try working occasionally but it is difficult while also studying. The scholarship solves these dilemmas. Since your grant has been so important in my life, I hope you will be able to continue this generous contribution to other students in the future. I see and feel that you offer a very significant gift to people’s lives.”

Bashar H

“For me this grant is really helping me, also because I have no help in paying for my tuition or the apartment where I live, and also emotionally it’s really good to feel that there is someone who is helping you and standing by your side in this world, especially when you have no parents to help you. On behalf of all the students you have helped including myself, I want to say thank you for helping us achieve our goals. Your support will encourage us to work harder and reach our dreams.”

– Fadi A

“I am 24 years old and started my studies when I was 21. I did not start earlier because of the financial difficulties in my life – my parents don’t work, and they receive income support from the state. This economic situation prevented them from being able to pay college expenses. Even when I worked I had to help them financially and didn’t have the chance to save money. I have faith in myself and I believe that I have a chance to fulfill my dreams, and thanks to you I am on my way to fulfilling the greatest dream of becoming an occupational therapist.”

– Aya H

“I am really grateful for your generosity, this scholarship will help me to finish this year without any troubles. This has been a really hard year and it’s the most important one. Now I can enter this year’s exams with no worries of payments and only focus on my studying and keeping my grades up. It’s a generous act for you to help students. I’m really grateful and hope you continue to support students, so they can overcome their hardships and succeed.”

– Muhammad A